Stompin' Dave Workshops

Although Dave has mainly be employed as a performer he has some experience leading workshops. Dave's qualifications include a first class BA honours degree in Music and a BTEC in Jazz and Popular Music.

Please see below for a full list of workshops you could offer at your event, he has on occasions visited nursery schools, schools, colleges, etc. to give demonstrations of music song and dance.  

Past experience includes leading workshops at Maverick Festival, Warwick, Upton, Wadebridge and Weymouth Folk Festivals, etc. 
Instruction in old-time flatfooting.

Past experience includes leading workshops at Weymouth and Upton Folk Festivals, Gainsborough Old-time Music Festival, etc. 
Instruction in old-time, bluegrass and or blues banjo.


Flatpicking, finger picking, accompaniment, bluegrass, blues, folk, rock n roll, old-time, vintage country.   

Old-time, blues fiddle, folk.

Blues, rock n roll

Blues harmonica.